Monday, May 18, 2009

There is hope

I spoke to one of my ehow friends today about her earnings. She has over 400 articles and I asked her how did she get that many articles. She has been on eHow for 2 years and managed to accumulate over 400 articles. She shared that she writes about what is going on in her life so she has plenty to write about. Even though she says she isn't make a living off her eHow earning yet she is receiving a good amount of money each month and it continues to increase. This makes me hopeful.

I am at $25.64 with my eHow earnings and it is only the 18th. LOOKIN Good:-)

I just added two more articles. How to talk to your daughter about a girl's first period and How to get rid of an UTI naturally. This puts me at 61 articles so far. I am excited.


  1. Did she say how much she makes for her 400 articles.

  2. Unfortunately no and I didn't want to be too nosey. :-)