Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did I make any money on those two articles

My last post I talked about making a small change to two of my articles to see if I would earn anything from them. They hadn't made any money so I changed one word in each title to see if it would make a difference. My article How to fry perfect Chicken was changed to How to make fried chicken perfectly. I am happy to report that this article has made 47 cents so far, by just adding "Make." The word" Make" is used frequently in searches.

My article How to teach children to relieve stress was changed to How to get children to relieve stress. Just by adding the word "get" which is another frequently added word in searches, my article is earning 7 cents so far. This is great compared to what is was earning.

Earning update: $29.09


  1. Wow $29.09 I'm impressed. Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration!

  2. Very good. I'm looking forward to future posts. Keep up the good work.