Saturday, May 9, 2009

Choosing the right Keywords and SEO

I learned more about Keywords and SEO (Search engine optimization) in a ebook called How to earn passive income on eHow (Click here to view more details) After reading the ebook I went back and made some changes to my articles and I have noticed since reading this book that my income has increased. The ebook basically explains in a clear and easy to understand format (something I really needed) how to write for ehow. The author explains keywords and SEO and why it is so important to know about them while you are writing. The ebook also shares how the author is making over $1000 a month writing. I found this book easy to follow and when I applied her techniques I saw slow but increasing results. I took it a step further and looked at the types of articles that she wrote and they weren't anything complicated. This made me feel better because even though she has a background in teaching her articles are basic and demonstrates that by applying her simple techniques anyone can write and make money doing it.


  1. This is an excellent post. I agree with you about the slow progress. I still have a problem with the keywords on eHow. How should they be listed? Do you put hyphens for long tail keywords or smoosh the words together without any spaces?


  2. Hi Althea, Thanks for your comment. I too am still learning about keywords and will post all info that I learn to the blog as I receive it. Thanks again

  3. i am just learning how to do all this too. i also bought the book. how did you get the hyperlink on your blog? i can't figure it out!!!

    i haven't made that much money at all. you are doing so much better than i am. i guess you just have to keep trying.

  4. Hi Dori, I figured out that it has a lot to do with keywords and the amount of articles that one has. I have notices my earnings have jumped since doing the keywords again and adding more articles.