Friday, May 8, 2009

Writing for Triond, Bukisa and Associated Content

Ehow is just one of the many sites that I am writing for. I am new to Triond, Bukisa and Associated Content. All three websites will pay you for writing content. Similar to Ehow each site makes money through Google Adsense and they in turn pay a portion to the writers. I haven't been as active as I would like with these three but my plan is to focus more on each as it is another way to make passive income. As money is getting tight and I am not getting any younger I really need to be able to see the fruits of my labor and having a full time residual income from my writing would be wonderful. It is already eight (8) days into the month of May and my Ehow Earnings is already at $7.75 and that is from previous articles that I have written. That is about $1 a day and that isn't bad at all. I have only published one article this month so far: How to lose weight with an In-home walking program and yet I am still earning from articles that I have written months ago.

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