Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am already a little over $50

It is only four days left in this month. I am still working on article 68 and my eHow earning is up $6 since my last post two days ago. This is showing progress and I was excited to see that I was at $50.

I decided not to stress out about the amount of articles that I don't have and focus on writing when I feel moved to write.

I try to focus on the keywords when I am writing but this isn't always so easy to do. But I do take the opportunity to go back and tweak my articles once they have been published. I checked to see if they are making any money and if not I go back and re-read to see if I can apply the techniques learned about SEO and keyword placement. So far I can see progress.

Like most eHow writers, I am trying to see a pattern of which articles appear to be doing better than others. It is clearly obvious to me that anything that has to do with making money, working from home, how to lose some weight and how to make something natural are topics that do well. It may also be that these are the topics that appeal to me and so I notice them more:-)

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