Monday, May 25, 2009

My earnings continue to increase but I am feeling a little discouraged

I am at $44.82 and working on article 68. I have been really motivated to write lately but I am concerned about making sure I really proof read my articles instead of just hitting publish.

Even though I don't like thinking about the number of articles I have I still find myself a little discouraged that I am so far away from 100. I have to tell myself that it is inevitable as long as I continue to write. Then after reading one of my ehow friend's blog it is inspiring and yet disappointing. She has 400 articles and is at $300 so far for the month. That is wonderful and I would love to be at $300. At the same time it is overwhelming because 400 articles and only $300 it seems like it should be more. I guess that is where finding the right topic to make the most money comes into play, but it is tricking because just when you think an article will do well it doesn't and the one you just throw together makes more. I wonder sometimes.

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