Monday, June 1, 2009

End of the month Income update

I ended the month with an amazing $66.22. This is a big increase from last month's earning. I am so excited to write more. I have altered my goal for the month. Instead of one article per day I am going to challenge myself to do two articles a day. I have noticed the people that earn the most on eHow write a minimum of 10 articles a month. Now you know I can do more than that. I want to get to 100 articles by the mid June and I will do it.

Another goal for me this month is adding my articles to Bukisa. I signed up on Bukisa over three months ago but never really did anything special there. This month I want to focus on article writing for both eHow and Bukisa. The amazing thing about Bukisa is you can post the same articles from eHow or so I am told. I will have to do my research and keep ya posted.


  1. Writing 2 articles a day or 10 per week is my goal! I hope you do well!

  2. My goal is three a day and I've been actually writing about 1.3 articles a day. Good job for sticking with your goal. I wish I could say the same.

  3. Thanks and I wish the best with your goals as well.